Cumbrian Red: Saving Our Red Squirrels

Cinema | (U) | 102 minutes |
  • 25th April 14:30 (£7.50 Matinee)


From the director of the multi-award winning ‘Life of a Mountain’ trilogy comes the thought provoking and heartwarming film ‘Cumbrian Red’. Narrated by Eric Robson featuring stunning cinematography, this breathtaking, moving and educational film documents the plight of native red squirrels within the Lake District National Park and Cumbria. Learn more about the life of these beloved iconic creatures and hear from the scientists, rangers, conservationists and locals as they seek to protect and conserve endangered red squirrels. In Association with the University of Cumbria, Center Parcs, Cumbrian Ales, National Trust and The Beatrix Potter Society.


  • 25th April 14:30 (£7.50 Matinee)

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