Sun Watch

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Sat 15 July, Sat 5 Aug, Sat 26 Aug

Sat 15 Jul, Sat 5 Aug & Sat 26 Aug | Starts 2pm | Free Event | Garden

Unfortunately, Sun Watch has been cancelled this evening, 26th August.

Graham Fell presents a series of Sun Watches in the Brewery Arts Garden. This is a free event, which you can simply turn up to and enjoy.

Learn about the physical nature of our nearest star with the aid of photographs and diagrams, and view the sun safely either through projection, solar filters or using the society’s Coronado. Sun Watch is suitable for anybody, regardless of age, or experience.

Graham is from the Eddington Astronomical Society and brings together those who are interested in science and the cosmos,by providing a forum for discussion relating to astronomy. The Society is named in honour of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, the famous astrophysicist, who was born in Kendal.

As an arts and education charity, we rely on public support to continue to inspire and enrich people of all ages across local communities, through artistic, creative learning & engagement activities. Donate here. 

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Sat 15 July, Sat 5 Aug, Sat 26 Aug

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