James Cropper Wainwright Prize 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Exhibition |
12-15 September

12-15 September | Foyer Gallery and Sugar Store Gallery | Tue-Sat, 11am-5pm | Free

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of art, nature, and conservation in parallel. Exploring the relationship and impact that sustainable manufacturing and connectivity, alongside creativity and innovation, can have on our environment.

Enjoy a visual display of paper art, illustrations, and the art of dried flowers on tulle embroidery, including a showcase from previous James Cropper Wainwright Prize artists; Dorien Brouwers, Helen Musselwhite, and this year’s chosen artist, Olga Prinku.

Get involved…

Witness live paper-making demonstrations and create your own paper flower on Thursday 14 September, during the James Cropper Wainwright Prize 10th Anniversary event.

Create your very own paper poppy using James Cropper paper and an array of templates at the flower creation station. Your paper art will be added to our interactive wall and included in the James Cropper Wainwright Prize recyclable flower display.

Discover the craftsmanship of paper-making, and learn from James Croppers’ master colour blender, Mark Starrs, who will be showcasing the creation of paper with live paper-making demonstrations.

Artist information

Olga Prinku is an artist, maker and creator of the craft of flowers-on-tulle embroidery. Olga embroiders on net fabric using a range of dried and preserved natural materials, including flowers, berries, grasses, foliage and seedpods, using “nature as her thread”.

She sees her art as paying homage to nature’s beauty by combining natural elements in new ways while redefining what embroidery materials can be. As her creative process demands careful attention to each material’s limitations and potential, her artworks reflect the fragility yet strength of the natural world and humanity’s relationship with it.

Dorien Brouwers is an illustrator and picture book author based in the UK. Dorien grew up in the Netherlands and moved to the UK where she obtained a first degree in Graphic Design and worked with clients ranging from the Prado Museum (Spain) & Tate Modern to Pearson FT Publishing.

She initially started writing and illustrating picture books as a gift to her son. Her work for Sail won her a World Illustration Award and made the shortlist for the Bologna Picture Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition. She is currently working on new books for Penguin Random House, Thames & Hudson.

Helen Musselwhite is a paper artist whose inspiration comes from the British countryside. Helen’s creative ventures have embraced decorative furniture, jewellery and painting, which have since been eclipsed by her affinity with paper.

Helen said, “For me, it all started with one of those bumper packs of felt tips. One of my earliest memories is of tearing open Christmas wrapping paper to find a vivid array of coloured pens inside – then immediately rearranging the colours in a way that pleased me better. That was it; I was off on a voyage of creative discovery that continues to this day.”

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12-15 September

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