The Love That Remains

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12 Aug - 24 Oct

12 Aug – 24 Oct | Sugar Store Gallery | Tue-Sat, 11am-5pm | Free

‘The Love That Remains’ is a collection of artworks inspired by the imagery conjured up from the idiom “Weathering the Storm”. The light, love and stillness seen beyond the power of the weather, the stripping bare and re shaping of life’s topography and the reclamation and re growth following its altering trajectory.  The work is the combined efforts of four artists, working in different mediums and is the physical and interpretive result of weathering our storms.

Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright is a Lake District-based fine artist and ceramicist whose work speaks of nature and the interplay between the wild and the human. Playful, delicate and infinitely beautiful, her work is intriguing and often whimsical with a warmth and humour which speaks to the heart. Lucy’s ceramic assemblage pieces are created through introducing often opposing, found and repurposed objects to support or highlight a ceramic sculpture at the centre. Lucy studied fine art at Lancaster University achieving a first-class degree and is now exhibiting in galleries across the country.

Jacq Wallace

Jacq was born and raised in the stunning Lake District. Predominantly a self-taught artist, her inspiration is rooted and intertwined through this magical landscape. She was also influenced by desire to both practice and teach Yoga within her vibrant community, and over the years, this has deepened that spiritual connection, which is from there, ultimately expressed through her artwork. As a self-confessed ‘smitten’ traveller, Jacq’s work illustrates this wanderlust.  Each canvas evolves through layers of vibrant colour, sacred geometry, and woven textures, with other-worldly glimpses, prizing open that elusive imaginative portal into the great unknown. Her current body of work holds the insight of the contemplative moment, which draws itself onto each brush stroke intuitively, as if each creation was already waiting to be manifest.

Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson was born and grew up in Ambleside.  She studied Art History at York University and gained her Masters in Arts and Cultural Enterprise at Central St Martins, London. Jess now lives in Windsor and works as Education Manager at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Her career has focussed on providing access to the arts for young people, creating large scale festivals and parades as well as working with vulnerable groups and schools locally. This mixed media series has its heart in printmaking and explores how the rhythms and routines of life can be shifted and disrupted by a sudden emotional storm.  Printmaking allows for reproduction and repetition; this series distorts this process, twisting and collapsing the image as though tossed by a wind, resulting in unexpected and unforeseen results.

Stacey Donnelly

Mixed media artist Stacey Cara writes:

As darkness adorns me, I feel the strength, the magnificence,
The passing breeze makes me tingle as it touches my skin.
The presence is in my bones, my heart explodes.
I close my eyes to give me light to see to feel to smell,
As the sun breaks through the darkest of skies it holds me close, they stand side by side: beautiful, brave, strong, both entwined, passing through every fragment of my shattered heart.
I’m astonished by nature as we pass through the seasons. Ever changing ever adapting the courage to shed till
New growth of hope a smile inside.
My love lasts an eternity.

In this exhibition, I have interpreted THE LOVE THAT REMAINS as a weathering of storms with pebbles of weathered wood, the new life and light that may grow from them, with light and dark side by side. Made with my love from the heart; if you can’t see it, close your eyes, you may feel it.

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12 Aug - 24 Oct

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