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17th January 2019

Tutor Karen Lester | Fee £63 | 5 weeks

Using chalk pastels, develop application and blending techniques further to create paintings using photographs and still life references of winter themes.

This is a development course for those with some experience of working with pastels though beginners are welcome.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught?
Develop skills using pastels focussing on choosing and applying effective colours for winter.

The course covers:

  • Colour theory for effective modification of colours
  • Developing an effective colour palette for winter colours
  • Approaches to layer and blend colour
  • Developing a painting – ‘blocking in’
  • Experimenting with paper supports – preparing your own coloured paper with paint and using readymade coloured papers

The emphasis is very much on practical individual experience with tutor led demonstrations, discussion, example work and handouts which will support and guide you throughout.

What do I need to bring with me?
Pastels – a set of reasonable quality soft chalk pastels.

Drawing materials – pencil, rubber

Paper – Pastel coloured paper with a textured surface (Ingres) Suggested size A3,especially if you are working on a large scale with chunky pastels.) Neutral light coloured paper is good though you may wish to experiment with stronger darks and vibrant colour.
-Watercolour paper or heavy cartridge paper to prepare with a wash of watercolour or acrylic paint.

Your tutor will discuss materials further at the first session.

Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them.

Are there any additional costs?

About the tutor
Karen enjoys working with a range of painting and drawing media, including printmaking, sometimes combining these to create mixed media images. Each type of medium brings its own exciting possibilities and unique qualities, something she continually explores.

Her interest in Printmaking developed at Kendal College whilst completing a Foundation Degree in Drawing with the University of Cumbria.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Cumbria and Lancashire over the last 25 years and she has been involved with projects including Printfest and C-Art and runs occasional print workshops for the National Trust at Allan Bank, Grasmere as well as for private groups.

Karen is an experienced qualified teacher and has been teaching in the adult education sector since 2011.

If you have a query or are unsure whether the course is right for you please get in touch with the Creative Learning Team who will be happy to contact the tutor on your behalf.


17th January 2019

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