Meet the Tutors: Emily Baxter and Emily Davies

Published on 10th December 2021

Did you know that our Theatre and Dance Engagement Officers were once Creative Learning students at Brewery Arts?  Emily Baxter and Emily Davies chose to return to Brewery Arts and share their passion and expertise with students of all ages!

Published 10 December 2022

‘The Brewery is inclusive and accepting. We make everyone feel valued, everyone can dance, we were born to move!‘  Emily Davies

Theatre at Brewery Arts

Emily Baxter – Theatre Engagement Officer, was once a member of Brewery Youth Theatre and returned to Brewery Arts after graduating to share her passion for performing art.

Emily is involved in a range of Brewery Arts projects. Act Your Age is one of Emily’s groups for the over 60s interested in acting. The group are currently involved in the DunsPlayFest online festival in May 2022. This is the group’s third time at the festival. They have devised three 15min plays on the theme of borders, Duns Players are also devising plays around the border theme.

Before the online festival in May, Brewery Arts will be showcasing the ‘Act Your Age’ pieces in a performance in our Theatre on Feb 9 2022. This is an opportunity to see both of our over 60s performing groups share a stage as Mature Movers will be performing with their movement interpretation of the theme of the border.

Act on Camera is a new class devised by Emily, as part of the Creative Learning spring season of courses. Students in this class will create different scripts and styles and start working-towards filming and editing together short scenes with our new film equipment. The students will work with ‘Film on the Brain’ professional directors, cinematographers, and editors during the classes.

Emily also heads up the Brewery Youth Theatre company who are currently in the middle of their NT Connections rehearsal process. They are performing in the Brewery Arts Theatre on 3 & 4 March 2022, and will be heading to York Theatre Royal on 7 April 2022, to take part in the partner festival, with other youth groups across the North.

This is a very exciting opportunity to take part in a national festival and, gives the young actors an experience of working in different professional theatres.

Join one of Emily’s classes here.

Emily Baxter






Dance at Brewery Arts

Emily Davies our Dance Engagement Officer is also, a previous Brewery Youth Dance member and is heavily involved in a range of Brewery Arts projects including, Brewery Youth Dance, our flagship youth dance group. This group is creating a new work around the theme of body image, which they will be applying to the U.Dance North West regional platform. 

‘The Brewery is inclusive and accepting. We make everyone feel valued, everyone can dance, we were born to move.‘ quote from Emily Davies

Our senior dance group, Mature Movers, are working with Emily on their first piece for performance, to be shared as a curtain-raiser for the Act Your Age show next February. The group are using songs that reference borders, in some way, to create a fun and enjoyable performance.

Emily is also hard at work, coordinating the 2022 Brewery Arts Schools Dance Platform. The event had to take a hiatus due to Covid-19, but Emily is keen to be bringing back this celebration of curriculum-based dance in South Lakeland, a real highlight of the academic year.

Join one of Emily’s classes here.

Emily Davies






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