Russell Colman

Russell Colman, along with his wife Kerry, is the creative director of Colman & Colman, a luxury hair salon on Highgate in Kendal.

Colman & Colman have been business members with Brewery Arts since 2019 (with a break period during the pandemic).

Russell spoke with us to discuss his personal connection to Brewery Arts, as well as to explain why he chose to join our Business Membership.

Where does your connection with Brewery Arts begin?

My mum worked at Brewery Arts through the eighties and nineties. I would have first come to the venue in the eighties. I then also worked at Brewery Arts for three or four years on and off. I was a Bar Manager for a couple years and also got involved with the photography department. I helped the Photography Officer at the time and got really inspired by the experience. I actually went on to do a degree in photography inspired by time with the Brewery Arts.

My stepson works behind the bar now, so it almost feels like it has come full circle.

What do you enjoy about Brewery Arts now?

I mostly come to gigs so I look out for bands. My wife and I go to the bar quite often and after work we might come for a drink and pizza. But less than I would like to! I also enjoy the Summer Sundays they are absolutely fantastic – it is such a buzz walking down and hearing it and to see a crowd from Kendal and surrounding areas. We hope to see some theatre too. Brewery Arts is a brilliant asset and the space to be able to put on all this entertainment on is great.

I walk through the venue to get home after work. In the summertime and at the weekend there’s often lots of young people around and it is busy and active. There is a good energy when I walk through.

What have been some highlights for you at Brewery Arts?

Turin Brakes was fantastic. We are coming to the Christmas Seal gig, they are a good party band – it will be absolutely bouncing. I have really fond memories of Brewery Arts.

Some of the folk festivals have been a highlight for me. It was brilliant, the place was swarming with bands. The finale was always the best party, and the after party was even better! I am not particularly into folk but the actual atmosphere was just fantastic. John Martyn used to play here and that was spellbinding also. They were special gigs in The Malt Room and I have had some brilliant nights in the bar.

What encouraged you to become a Business Member with Brewery Arts?

I wanted to support Brewery Arts which was the main motivation for signing up to the Business Membership, but I also wanted to give something to the team. The 2-4-1 cinema tickets is a nice corporate thing to do for them.

Brewery Arts is an arts and education charity which has been in operation for over 50 years. You can help us to continue providing, inspiring, and enriching the local community, through artistic, creative learning and engagement activities. Donate here today to help us continue our work for the next 50 years!

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