Greevz Fisher

Greevz Fisher is a Brewery Arts member and regularly attends shows at the cinema.

He has been coming to Brewery Arts for over 40 years.

Greevz, who is 73 years old, spoke with us to discuss the importance of independent cinema, both in the locality and to his own well-being.

When did you first start engaging with Brewery Arts?

Towards the early eighties was when I first started coming to Brewery Arts. I would come to the children’s events, exhibitions and music concerts. I have enjoyed coming to the Cinema and especially like watching more arthouse and foreign films.

I am now retired but a large part of my life is looking after my brother-in-law with Down’s syndrome. He goes to his mum’s at the weekend, so I have some time where I choose to do my own thing and that is often the cinema, and in many ways, since it reopened last year, the Brewery Arts Cinema has become part of my weekly life. 

What do you enjoy about the cinema at Brewery Arts?

The cinema is a very good escape and helps me to have some time to myself, it takes you out of your environment for a few hours. I have always been interested in film, we never had a television growing up, so in the fifties and sixties, our primary entertainment was to go to the local cinemas. I don’t have a TV at home now either, so cinema remains a big part of how I watch entertainment. And even with streaming available, I prefer the actual experience of coming to the cinema and Brewery Arts. 

Congratulations to everyone involved in selecting the films here, there is a really good mix. I have watched a lot of French films and I enjoy watching European films as well as the standard American ones. A film I enjoyed recently was the animated one about Anne Frank, called Where Is Anne Frank.

What makes Brewery Arts special to you?

I really enjoy the ambience of the Brewery Arts Cinema and the physical fact of going out somewhere away from where you live, knowing you are going to see a film on a big screen. You either get totally enthralled or it makes you rethink something and I find that a really pleasurable experience. The front-of-house staff at Brewery Arts and the volunteers do an excellent job. It is a really individual experience when you get there. The staff get to know you, and they do a great job of asking for feedback.

How important do you think Brewery Arts is to the local community?

Brewery Arts does an excellent job of reaching out and serving the community. With everything from music, festivals and activities that help both the children and the older generation. It was certainly noticeable when it was closed during the pandemic, and lots of people were eager for it to reopen. It is very much a central part of Kendal and further afield if you include Kendal Mountain Festival and other big festivals that come here. It is a very important part of what Kendal offers.

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