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19th January 2023

Ukulele For Beginners | Thu 19 Jan to Thu 30 Mar | 7.15-9.15pm | £145 (10 wks) | 16+ yrs | Tutor Steve Moss | Warehouse

The ukulele is a fun and accessible instrument with its small size and soft strings, making it easy to learn a few chords and strumming patterns. This course will increase your playing confidence enabling you to play many well-known songs for your own pleasure.

What will the course cover and how will it be taught?

From the first week, we will learn how to accompany some well-known songs using only two chords. Each week we will play and sing together and add new chords and strumming or picking patterns to our repertoire. Later in the course, we will learn to play simple melodies and to play parts in ensemble pieces.

The course will be taught as a group with individual support as appropriate. Players will not be expected to perform individually unless they specifically ask to do so.

As with learning to play any instrument, practice makes perfect. Each week, participants will be taught chord shapes and strumming patterns for a few songs which you will need to practice at home, ready to perform them as a group the following week. MP3 audio files of each song will be available to participants after each session so that they can use these to help their practice. As a rule, 30 minutes of practice each day will help to build confidence and fluency in chord changes and strumming.

By the end of the course, you will have a substantial set of tunes and songs that you can play and sing and should be confident enough to join a local ukulele group (or form your own!)

Important information

Please note there are no sessions during the week beginning 20 February 2023.

What do I need to bring with me?

Participants will need their own ukulele (soprano, concert or tenor) with a soft case and an electronic tuner. Local stockists who will give you good advice (it’s always best to try before you buy) can be found in Morecambe (Promenade Music) and Carlisle (World of Ukes).

Please also bring a pen, notebook, and your glasses, if you need them.

Are there any additional costs?

No. All the music books will be provided and there is a free website with audio and video files to help with practice.

About the tutor

Steve Moss spent five years as Musical Director for the Bryce Street Strummers, a community ukulele group based in Burneside with over 80 members and a smaller Ukulele Showband that regularly plays for organisations and public events across South Lakeland.

Steve Moss

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19th January 2023

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