Open Exhibition

Exhibition |
Until 10 November 2023

20 September-10 November | Foyer Gallery and Sugar Store Gallery | Tue-Sat, 11am-5pm | Free

The Open Exhibition showcases the talents of local artists and displays over 40 artworks, of various forms, which a panel of judges has selected. The artwork on display includes intricate paintings, 3D sculptures, pottery, photography, printmaking, abstract paintings, charcoal drawings, and experimental embroidery.

Artists featured in the Open Exhibition: 

Cally Lawson
Carin Baker
Caroline Stow
Caroline White
Catherine MacDiarmid
Charlotte Tasker
Ciara Heaton
Claire Philpott
Debbie Nicholas
Delcia McNeil
Emilie Mason
Francis Winder
George Collins
Giddy Art by Aimee Green
Helen Steer
Jacqueline Kerr
Jamie Stanley
Jan Morley
Jayne Pearson
Jean Hilton
Jeni Calvert
Jill Pemberton
Kate Davies
Kerry Howarth
Lauren Hine
Lela Harris
Liz Lyon
Lynn Fotheringham
Marisa Crane
Marjorie Park
Martin Connolly
Mary Waltham
Michelle Stewart
Mike Hardy
Monica Metsers
Paul Whittaker
Rachael Margeson
Rachel Eaves
Rob Hardy
Robert Finch
Roger Salmon
Sam Harrison
Sarah W Brown
Steve Dickinson
Sue Madden
Suzanne Stuart Davies
Val Stangoe
Wendy Nuttall

View all exhibitions here.


Until 10 November 2023

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