Imitating The Dog: Night Of The Living Dead – Remix

Theatre |
3rd March 2020 – 4th March 2020

Starts 7.30pm | Tickets £18.50 | U25 & *Unwaged £15.50 | Theatre | Age restriction 15+

An imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse Co-production

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD ™ – REMIX is presented by courtesy of Image Ten, Inc.

**** ‘Remarkable …. Extraordinary .. jaw-dropping’ – Guardian

This is a truly remarkable event, a must for theatre and film lovers alike.

Seven performers aim to recreate on stage, in real-time, one of the first zombie movies ever made, shot-for-shot before our very eyes, undertaking the seemingly impossible. With 1,076 camera edits to renact in 95 minutes it’s a heroic struggle. Success requires wit, skill and ingenuity, what could possibly go wrong?

Heart-racing, funny and packed with fear. Never tried before and perhaps for good reason, this is an extraordinary night at the theatre.

In 1968 Night of the Living Dead started out as a low-budget independent horror movie. Now, 50 years on, the film is recognised as a ground-breaking classic. A story of fear and alienation, it is widely regarded as a metaphor for the social problems that gripped 1960s America and the collapse of the picket-fence American dream. Seven strangers take refuge from flesh-eating ‘ghouls’ in an isolated farmhouse. As the night approaches its inevitable grisly conclusion, the flesh-eaters seem to have the upper hand and hope turns to despair. Will our brave performers complete their task and will we all make it out alive?

Want to know more about the 1968 film? Click here to read Co-Director Andrew Quick’s conversation with Russ Streiner- one of the original cast and crew members!


3rd March 2020 – 4th March 2020

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