Actors Wanted!

Published on 10th February 2020

Brewery Arts is looking for actors to be part of an exciting new venture run by our young people’s Filmmakers’ Club. Following a very successful screenplay competition, the selected short was Where’s The Package by Tom Johnson.

Published 10 February 2020

We need actors to play the following characters:
• A good cop interrogator (friendly & approachable) – mid 20’s
• A bad cop interrogator (hard & aggressive) – mid 20’s
• A psychologist (looks like teacher/counsellor) – 40’s/50’s
• A tricky interrogator (hipster type) – mid-late 20’s
• A mother – mid 30’s

Only the mother is gender-specific, the other characters can be any gender identity. In addition, all characters can be of any race/ethnicity, non-disabled or disabled. We welcome interest from everyone.

The film will last about 10 minutes and will be filmed at the Brewery. We will need each character for filming for approximately 2-3 hours.

We hope to start filming the week beginning 24 Feb. The group meets on Thur evenings 4.30-6.30pm but we are happy to be flexible to get the right person for each role.

The film will be shown in one of the screens at the Brewery in early May.

If you are interested, or want more info, please email

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