Experimental Printmaking

Art |
7th March 2020

7 Mar | 10.30-4.30pm | Tutor Theresa Taylor | £63

This unique workshop is led by Theresa Taylor, one of the artists exhibiting in the show ‘Spatiality’ in the Brewery’s Sugar Store Gallery in Spring 2020. You will have the opportunity to create experimental layered prints combining drypoint and monoprint techniques.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught?

By using drypoint and monoprint together it is possible to make uniquely interesting layered prints. By over-printing the two techniques a more complex image can be produced, giving the feeling of depth.

Theresa will be teaching in a small group, the basic principles of both drypoint and monoprint. This will involve both scoring into the surface of an aluminium plate that will be printed from, followed by an over-layering of monoprinting, often felt to be the most painterly of the printmaking techniques. There will be an opportunity to make several prints during the workshop and to experiment with the techniques.

There will also be individual help available with both techniques and the process of making the prints, for people who are unfamiliar with printmaking as a technique. You will also be made aware of the particular characteristics of the materials used and how to use them in relation to the effects you might be aiming for.

This workshop is suitable for both experienced printmakers looking to try these two combined techniques to add to their experience and skills, people new to printmaking, but able to feel confident to use their artistic ideas and painters who would like to extend their practice by using these techniques that are closely associated with drawing and painting.

These techniques do not require any form of mordant (copper sulphate, ferric chloride etc.).

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Protective apron or old shirt.
  • Vinyl gloves or be prepared to get hands inky!
  • You may want to bring a sketch book with ideas/other material or equally you can simply respond to the processes
  • A pen and note pad may be useful

Are there any additional costs?


About the tutor 

Theresa Taylor is an artist based in the north-west of England and works from her studio, a few miles south of Lancaster and at Artlab Contemporary Print Studios, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Her primary medium is printmaking, although she also use a range of materials and make installations and more recently large unique prints as well as 3-D work incorporating print.

Her work, although abstract, has a pronounced human presence, and is underpinned by two main influences; her surroundings, appropriating information from the natural world, particularly the sea, and psychoanalysis, having trained and worked as both an art therapist and a psychotherapist for over 30 yrs.in the NHS.

Theresa has a BA (hons) and an MA in Fine Art and has shown work across the UK and in New York, Japan, Spain, France, Mexico, New Zealand and recently Amsterdam.




7th March 2020

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