Autumn Colours In Acrylic

Creative Learning |
3rd November 2018

Tutor Thuline De Cock | Fee £55 | 1 session

Experiment with wonderful autumn colours in this one-day workshop where you’ll be using acrylics to paint images of trees and autumn scenes. You will be learning different techniques, such as how to create depth and how use glazes.

What will the course cover and how will it be taught?

During the workshop you will learn to:

The basics of colours mixing
How to create different brush strokes for different textures
Mix different tones of colours
How to use of glazes
How to create distance
How to use brushes and pallet knifes
Mix sand to your paints

Tutor led demonstrations, discussions, and sample of other works will be shown. After the introduction, you will be individually guided by the tutor.

What do I need to bring with me?
Please wear suitable clothing. We will be working from photographs and you are welcome to bring your own.
We will be starting with acrylics:
Suggested colours:
Cadmium red, Yellow ochre, Cadmium yellow pale, Ultramarine, Burnt umber(the red and yellow can vary, titanium white (is more pigmented than other whites)
Other useful ones: Cerulean blue, Windsor blue, Burnt sienna, Viridian green, other reds, Turquoise and any other colours you like using.
Pallet: Use a lid of a large storage box or a tray with a raised lip, tissue and baking or greaseproof paper
To draw an outline: Pencil (soft pencils preferred, 3B, or softer)/rubber
Brushes: Please bring a selection of big and small brushes. Personally, I like the flat and softer brushes. But some coarser ones will come in handy
A great pack is sold by Royal and Langnickel;12 Brush value pack. These can be used for both acrylic and Watercolour. The handles are light blue wooden, not plastic. But I will be bringing some to the sessions for you to purchase on the day.
Cloth or tissue to clean brushes and water containers (min 2)
To work on you can use:
I like the Cranford paper they sell in Youdells.(like card) And use a light coloured paper (usually champagne or Ivory). Half a sheet is a perfect size.Tell them it is for the course with Thuline, they will know what you need. You can also use Acrylic paper, If you want to use pastel in combination.
Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them.

Are there any additional costs?


About the tutor
Thuline de Cock is a local artist renowned for her expressive paintings of animals and wildlife. She has a gallery based in Windermere and has been teaching in adult education and schools since 1997.


3rd November 2018

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