Ancient Land – Earth & Sea Poems

Exhibition |
7th June 2019 – 3rd August 2019

By Debbie Jenkins | Sugar Store Gallery | Free

Debbie presents a large collection of interconnected paintings, drawings, sculpture and assemblages. These current works are based on observations, memory, notes, on the spot drawings and natural objects collected inland and by the coast.

Inspired by Cumbrian standing stone circles shorelines of Allonby and Northumberland.

My fascination is not so much with the grand panorama but with the quiet spaces between land and sea, nature’s intimate and protective enclosures the often unnoticed minutiae left behind.

Fragments of sea glass washed up like jewels, wood bleached to silver, metal and stone shaped by tide and time, a lone feather on the drift or as I like to describe it  “ the jewels in the debris “

Nature’s vehicle of movement and its underlying rhythms has a continuous sense of enclosure and exposure to the elements within its flow and flux will ultimately fragment, re-join and transform into a new creation.

The paintings evolve with the same sense of exposing and erasing distilled down to their simplest form. Frequently re-occurring symbols of stone, wood, bird, feather and bud interweave the drawings, paintings and small sculptures and are often encapsulated into the work marking place and time, a personal mantra to Nature.

Light Shard Emerald Moon Harbour


7th June 2019 – 3rd August 2019

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