The Trust Fall: Julian Assange

Cinema | (15) | 134 minutes |
17th May 2024 – 23rd May 2024

Despite being detained, silenced and hidden from public view in maximum security Belmarsh Prison, multi – award – winning Australian journalist and publisher Julian Assange has become one of the loudest voices for free speech of our times. He has also risked everything to bring truth to light. The disclosures of WikiLeaks and Assange from 2010 on wards ignited a firestorm of controversy and a relentless ongoing pursuit by the most powerful Empire on the planet.

The Trust Fall: Julian Assange examines the meaning and significance of the insights that WikiLeaks shared with the world, the resulting behaviour of the governments involved, the extraordinary personal risk taken by Assange, and the wider fundamental issues around press freedom that affect all of us and our right to know.

Filmed over two years on three continents and in ten cities, the f ilm features an array of luminaries including Daniel Ellsberg, John Pilger, Tariq Ali and Chris Hedges, with the insights of experts including Jennifer Robinson, Jill Stein , Stefania Maurizi and Nils Melzer , in addition to reflections of Assange’s family including Stella Assange, John Shipton and Gabriel Shipton. Susan Sarandon, Roger Waters, M.I.A., Tom Morello and Jonathan Oldham lend their voices to narrate the film. Examining the motives of this peace activist and innovator, this astounding, shocking and inspiring film invites viewers to embark on a journey of understanding, where the circumstances are unprecedented, and the destination unexpected.

“ If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth ”  Julian Assange

 Amnesty International group kendal Dying to Divorce arranged marriage miscarriage justice brewery arts cinema kendal cumbriaPresented in Partnership with Amnesty Group, Kendal.Amnesty protects people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.’




17th May 2024 – 23rd May 2024

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