The General and The Great Train Robbery with Live Improvised Piano

Cinema | (U) | 89 minutes |
6th April 2024

Sat 6 Apr | starts 7.30pm | Theatre | Tickets £11.50 / £10.50 / £6.50

Two of silent cinema’s greatest railway chase movies with live, improvised piano.

The Great Train Robbery is a twelve-minute escapade which wowed audiences in 1903 and still packs a punch over 120 years later.

The General, from 1926, is Buster Keaton’s greatest achievement – both a brilliantly staged Civil War epic and a perfect comedy-thriller. Keaton plays a railroad engineer Johnny Gray, who loves his locomotive, The General.
When it’s stolen by Yankees, he sets out to get it back and epic, action-packed chase ensues. Based on a true story, The General is packed full of beautiful visual comedy, daring stunts, and nail-biting dramatic tension.

This event is a partnership production with Northern Silents.  
Northern Silents brings together live music with film, presenting a year-round programme and the annual Northern Silent Film Festival every October.
Fusing new music with film to create inspiring events across the North of England’.

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6th April 2024

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