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8th May 2013

If you liked Les Misérables you will love The Count of Monte Cristo. It is one of the ‘greatest triumphs over adversity stories’ ever written, set in France and follows the same literary tradition. 

Company Boudin's energetic, exciting and rousing adaptation of the epic book that everyone wishes they had the time to read.

Edmund Dantes is wrongly imprisoned by his rivals.  Incarcerated in Cahateau d'If, a fellow prisoner assists in his escape and tells of a secret stash of treasure on a remote island.  Dantes reinvents himself as the Count of Monte Cristo and sets out to reward those who had stood by him and to seek his revenge on those who had him arrested. 

The book is retold and re-enacted by the workers of a cigar factory who are read “Monte Cristo” everyday whilst they work, but quickly the factory disappears and we are  transported into the dramatic world of Dumas' book. 

From the company who brought you Henry V and the director of Henry VIII & The Royal Wedding Planner, Pinocchio and A Christmas Carol

4 stars “an engaging drama with a playful ingenuity and great spirit” The Guardian on Henry V

5 stars “A Small Masterpiece” Venue on Henry VIII & The Royal Wedding Planner


8th May 2013

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