Nosferatu: 100th Anniversary Screening – with Live Piano Score

Cinema | (PG) | 94 minutes |
29th October 2022

Nosferatu 100th Anniversary Screening | Starts 8pm | Tickets £8.50 | Conc. £7.50 | U25s £6 | Theatre

2022 brings the centenary of the most influential horror film of all time, Nosferatu. To celebrate,  we welcome back classic pianist Tony Judge with an exclusive original score, played on Brewery Arts’ own Steinway Piano.

In 1922 one film changed cinema and defined screen terror. 100 years later, it continues to haunt and terrify audiences. 2022 brings the centenary of the most influential horror film of all time. The turning point in the career of legendary director F.W. Murnau (Sunrise, The Last Laugh), the screen’s first, albeit unauthorised adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which itself celebrates its 125th Anniversary this year) features Max Schreck’s unforgettable performance as the vampire Count Orlok, the most chilling portrayal of cadaverous evil in film history. Although a court order to destroy the film was successfully brought by Stoker’s widow, some copies escaped, and subsequently gave the 20th century some of its defining images of supernatural terror and dread.

A decades-long search for the best surviving material now allows us to see the film exactly as it premiered 100 years ago.

Join us for an exclusive Nosferatu 100th Anniversary Screening, as we welcome back pianist Tony Judge, who will be playing an original live score accompaniment on the Brewery Arts’ Steinway Piano.

German Language Intertitles with English Subtitles.

About Tony Judge.
Tony Judge has composed and performed his music for both solo piano and various ensembles for over forty years. He has written and played extensively within the context of contemporary jazz but has more recently focused on composing and performing his piano music for silent films in which he includes large elements of improvisation. Recent performances of his original piano composition for Nosferatu attracted widespread acclaim and glowing reviews.

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29th October 2022


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