Another Fine Mess! Laurel & Hardy Silent Shorts with live score + Q&A

Cinema | (U) | 105 minutes |
6th October 2023

Fri 6 Oct | Starts 7.30pm | Tickets £11.50 | Conc. £10.50 | 26 and Under £8.50 | Live Performance | Theatre

Three silent films brought to life with a live improvised accompaniment, played on the Brewery’s Steinway Piano by Jonny Best and Adam Fairhill.

Ulverston-born Stan Laurel and first appeared on the screen with Oliver Hardy in 1927 and they would go on to become the most beloved comedy duo of all time. This trilogy of silent short comedies showcases their slapstick brilliance. In Duck Soup (their first film together), they break into a stately home and pretend to be aristocrats. In Do Detectives Think, they are a pair of inept policemen hired to protect Judge Foozel (played by James Finlayson) from a dangerous killer. And in The Finishing Touch, they’re house builders whose professional skills leave something to be desired. But whatever they try their hand at, and no matter how hard they try, they always make a mess of it.

Following the screening, Jonny Best, Northern Silent Film Festival Director,  will be joined by Mark Cubin of the Laurel & Hardy Museum, Ulverston, for a Q&A/informal Discussion on all things Laurel & Hardy.

This event is showing as part of Northern Silent Film Festival


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6th October 2023

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