LAKES ALIVE – WOLVES ENCOUNTER – Ruth Essex, Simon Evans and Desperate Men

8th September 2018

Abbot Hall Car park | Bus 30min before start | Tickets £FREE 

“In 1390- He chased her down at Humphrey Head on the coast of Morecambe Bay- the last wolf in England”

Wolves imagines a Britain in which once extinct animals are back; a Britain that is a little bit wilder than it is now. In our story, wolves have been re-introduced some years earlier and we pick up the life of the Lakeland pack.

This guided encounter gives you the opportunity to spend time with wolf and nature experts in our ‘wolf hide’ concealed in the woods.

From Abbot Hall, you will be transported into the landscape to witness the intriguing and bizarre phenomenon as we observe our ‘pack’ at rest.

This humorous and factual experience is part of a real-world game combining digital with human interaction, drawing on the unique history and heritage of the area. Our wolves will be roaming across South Lakeland throughout the Lakes Alive Festival, visit to find out more about the project and “follow the wolves” once the system goes live on 7th September.

This will be an outside encounter in the woods so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The audience will be required to walk over rough ground at points.


8th September 2018

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