The Knotted Project – The Commuters

Theatre |
3rd October 2018

Doors open 7.45pm | Tickets £10.50 

In a world where emails & social media follow us around on our phones, is the digital world we live in, changing the way we work? How do we measure success? Money in the bank? Time on our hands? Smiles?

The Commuters, a bang up-to-the-minute new physical theatre show puts all these questions and more into sharp focus and is as fast-paced and dynamic as the lives of the 16-30-year olds it is targeted at.
Created by The Knotted Project, the show follows a group of friends, stuck in the void between their bank balances and their diminishing social lives. It’s a timely, fresh and thought-provoking look at the important issue of the health and well-being of millennials.

The show, which has been 6 months in the making, highlights the daily battle against nightmare bosses, social media history, long working hours, peer pressure to succeed and the elusive ‘Work-Life Balance’.
Using the words of real people, dynamic choreography and projection, The Commuters asks that age old question – do we live to work, or work to live? The hour-long physical theatre production explores, in a fascinating way, the mental health of a character carving his way through the digital world, desperate to find the route to success and happiness.

Simon McElligott, joint artistic director of The Knotted Project, said: ‘We premiered the performance at The Grand Theatre Blackpool and the feedback was very positive with the work being described as relevant, fun, well-executed, fast-paced and a true reflection of today’s lifestyle.’

The authentic feel of the production reflects the research which underpins both the dialogue and performance. Simon added: ‘We were supported by partners at The Lowry and Institute for Social Futures to facilitate a number of workshops and interviews. We worked with groups of young people in Salford and Blackpool, discussing their ambitions and dreams. This led to the themes we explore in the show and also helped to create a powerful realism about contemporary life.’


3rd October 2018

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