Jason Byrne: The Ironic Bionic Man

Comedy |
19th October 2023

Starts 7.30pm | Tickets £25 | Extended Theatre | Age Guidance 14+

Jason Byrne is returning to Brewery Arts following a sell-out performance at the venue in 2022, this time with brand-new material for The Ironic Bionic Man.

“We can rebuild him! Jason is, officially Bionic, “ironically” of course, as Jason, the accident-prone, general unfortunate gobshite (to no want of his own) is now, half man, half machine. Born with a cock eye (then straightened), his lung collapsed (it was blown back up and sealed with metal pins), appendix removed, cartilage replaced in his knee from a poo-on-the-loo accident, arm dislocated by a wave, heart now functioning on six stents. Don’t miss The Ironic Bionic Man as he brings us through his one-man, half-machine show. It’s painfully hilarious.”

“Outright King of Live Comedy” The Times
“Unmissable” Evening Standard
“Full on, double-up, gasping-for-oxygen hilarious” Chortle
“A comedy God” The Mirror
“It’s hard to think of any other comic who matches Jason Byrne for ebullient energy and regulated chaos” Independent
“An hour of stand-up so joyous the clinically depressed should get it on prescription” Metro

This video contains strong language.

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19th October 2023

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