Hit Me Anyone One More Time! | The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024

Cinema | (PG) | 127 minutes |
23rd March 2024

記憶にございません! Kioku ni Gozaimasen!
Directed by MITANI Koki 2019
Starring: NAKAI Kiichi, Dean Fujioka, ISHIDA Yuriko, KUSAKARI Masao

A man (NAKAI Kiichi) awakens in a hospital, lacking any recollection of where he is or who he once was. He soon realises he is none other than KURODA Keisuke, the universally-hated 127th Prime Minister of Japan and the victim of a rock to the head courtesy of a frustrated citizen.

Unable to recall any of the people around him, not even his family, and haunted by his previous bad reputation, KURODA resumes his duties with newfound altruism and conscientiousness, hiding his memory loss with the help of his secretaries and advisors. However, politics never changes. Surrounded by self-important people and locked in a dreadful power game, his new-and-improved sense of morality is soon put to the test: with controversial trade negotiations with the President of the United States rapidly approaching, can KURODA balance the temptation of political conspiracy with his desire to do good?

Directed by Japan’s King of Comedy, MITANI Koki, and brought to life by an all-star cast, Hit Me Anyone One More Time! is a satirical slapstick blockbuster, as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Unforgettable: Memories, Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema

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23rd March 2024

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