Craft Market Kendal

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24-26 November

Craft Market Kendal | 24-26 November | Malt Room, Foyer Gallery and Warehouse | £3 On The Door

Craft Market Kendal is an outstanding annual event that hosts 45 local, talented artisans who produce art, craft and design. Each will exhibit their work throughout the Malt Room, Foyer Gallery, and Warehouse at Brewery Arts over the weekend.

The Craft Market represents everything outstanding about Cumbrian & Northern arts and crafts, and provides an opportunity to buy original art and high-quality, unique, handmade gifts for your loved ones.

“This year, we welcome back regulars such as Suzanne Jewellery who has perfected the art of lampworking to make beautiful jewellery and baubles, Liz Jones’ hand-printed textiles and lampshades, and Keith Shorrock’s unique furniture and shaker boxes. It is fantastic to welcome multi-award-winning artist Dawn Blatherwick with her stunning portraits, Jitterbugs who makes quirky ‘insects’ out of recycled materials, and Sarah Charmain Textiles who makes objects that have a timeless, nostalgic quality. For the first time, ceramicist Kathryn Stevens will be showcasing her extraordinary sculptural objects.” Craft Market Kendal Organiser, Jan Huntley-Peace

Open Hours
Fri 24 Nov, 5.30-8.30pm
Sat 25 Nov, 10am-5pm
Sun 26 Nov 12-5pm

Craft Market Kendal tickets cost £3 from Brewery Arts Foyer throughout the duration of the event. Tickets cannot be bought in advance.

Craft Market KendalCraft Market KendalCraft Market Kendal Craft Market KendalCraft Market Kendal

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24-26 November

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