Published on 19th February 2021

STREET is one of 40 new projects taking place in and around 40 arts centres as part of Here and Now, a national and local celebration of culture within communities. Supported by Arts Council England and Future Arts Centres, marking the National Lottery’s 25th birthday.

Published 19 February 2021

STREET is a collection of real stories from the people of Cumbria – from Barrow to Brough, and Carlisle to Kendal and the villages and towns in between – retold as miniature digital installations.

Stories and voice recordings were collected from across Cumbria in early 2020, and imitating the dog made 5 short films from these, in March 2020. Each film is 2 – 12 mins in length.

The project was originally planned as a walk-through gallery installation – a number of small houses (think doll’s houses!), with the films projected into the rooms, so that visitors could peer inside to see and hear the stories. 

Now, after several re-schedules due to the pandemic, the proposal is to pivot the project to online delivery. In this new plan, each film will locate the original filmed footage and recorded audio in domestic situations: a cupboard, a bookshelf, a bedside table. Keeping with the miniature theme we see tiny characters acting out strange but familiar actions in these everyday locations.

The 5 films will be released by Brewery Arts, one per week, throughout March 2021. 

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