Spring Creatives: Online workshops with experts

Published on 25th January 2021

Unleash your inner creative

Published 25 January 2021

Our Spring Creative workshops are specially designed together with inspirational artists and our Brewery team of tutors, to inspire, teach and delight.

Our workshops are designed for children and are ideal for the whole family. Learn new creative skills by doing, making and moving in your own home.

Let’s get creative and have some fun!


Paper sculpture

Spring Creatives: Paper Sculpture

8 Feb | 5-6 pm | £5 | Tutor Ellie Chaney | Family-friendly, age 7 +
Create insect models you can play with or put up in your bedroom! Join paper artist and illustrator Eleanor Chaney for this workshop where you’ll learn techniques to draw animals, and easy paper folding to inspire the imagination and bring your bugs to life. Click here to get creative!


Catherine Macdiarmid

Spring Creatives: Self-Portraits in Disguise

15 Feb | 5-6 pm |  £5 | Tutor Catherine MacDiarmid | Family-friendly, age 7 +

Draw or paint a self-portrait in disguise, choose a costume from around your home use wigs, hats, glasses, moustaches, masks, face paints etc. Award-winning artist Catherine Macdiarmid will be there to give you guidance on the practicalities of creating a self-portrait. Whether you’re an expert artist or you’ve not picked up a paintbrush since school, come and join the fun. Click here to join in the fun!


Fundamentals of filmSpring Creatives: The Fundamentals of Film

22 Feb | 4-5 pm | £5 | Tutor Naomi More | Family-friendly, age 11+

Learn all about the filmmaking process including how to act for camera /film editing/how to create your own film trailers at home in Naomi More’s incredible online film workshop! Click here for action!


Brazilian DanceSpring Creatives: Afro-Brazilian Dance

1 March | 4-5 pm | £5 | Tutor Louis Gibbons | Family-friendly, age 8 +

Amazing Dance Artist Louise Gibbons introduces you to Afro-Brazilian Dance! Learn new choreography and get your heart pumping in this fun and energetic workshop. Click here to get moving!


Gaby CookeSpring Creatives: IslandSoul: Dance Feteness

8 March | 4-5 pm | £5 | Tutor Gaby Cooke | Family-friendly, age 11 +

Join Dancer and DJ Gaby Cooke for incredible Caribbean dance work out that gets you and your whole family moving and grooving! Click here to get into the groove!


Molly McGlynnSpring Creatives: Act Up

15 March |  5-6 pm | £5 | Tutor TBC | Family-friendly, age 7 +

Bridgerton and Coronation Street star Molly McGlynn is hosting an unmissable acting workshop! Allow your imagination to run wild and learn how to create believable characters, with depth and charisma. Click here to go wild!

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