Science Week at the Brewery!

Published on 12th March 2020

Know a Future Physicist? A Budding Biologist? A Curious Chemist?

Published 12 March 2020

This Easter holiday delve into the arts and sciences at the Brewery with our series of mind-boggling workshops! Unleash your inner engineer at the Flying Machines workshop, defy gravity in Cosmic Cadets, or discover the magic of chemistry in the Darkroom Photography class!

“We are now in the official Science Week, but here at the Brewery, we didn’t want to miss out on the fun! We believe the interface between art and science can be a great source of creativity and inspiration”– Amy Williams (Community Visual Arts Development Officer)

See the full schedule of what we have on offer below!

darkroom photography

Darkroom Photography

Thu 2 Apr | 11am – 12.30pm | Ages 6+ | £16 (for one adult and one child)
Join photographer Tim Murray and explore the magic of chemistry by developing light-sensitive paper in the Brewery Darkroom. Book here! 

Flying Machines

Wed 1 Apr | 10.30am – 11.30am | Ages 2-5 yrs | £5
Explore aerodynamics and air resistance by creating flying machines, then test them out in the Brewery gardens with a finale launch! Book here!

Cosmic Cadets

Tue 31 Mar | 10.30am – 11.15am | Ages 3-6 yrs | £5
Defy gravity and zoom into the sky for a dance adventure, inspired by our solar system. Book here!

Forces in motion

Forces in Motion

Tue 31 Mar | 11.30am – 1pm | Ages 7-14 yrs | £7
A dynamic dance workshop exploring physical forces. Create your own movement inspired by gravity, resistance, friction, magnetic force and more! Book here!

Bonkers Boffins

Wed 1 Apr | 10.30am – 11.15am | Ages 3-6 yrs | £5
Become a boffin in this drama workshop by exploring the world of a science lab, and create experiments that have dramatic results! Book here! 

science lab

The Science Lab

Tue 31 Mar | 2pm – 3.30pm | Ages 7-14 yrs | £7
Join us in the chaotic drama laboratory! Create experiments and solve scientific catastrophes through script work, as well as devising your own physical theatre scenes. Book here!

Conductive Paint Workshop

Wed 1 Apr | 1.30pm – 3pm | Ages 7-16 yrs | £8.50
Discover the magic of conductive paint in this hands-on session. Learn the basics of circuit making, and bring your artwork to life with LEDs! Book here!

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Published 12 Mar 2020

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