In Conversation With… Groove Baby

Published on 21st February 2023

We spoke with the Creative Director of Groove Baby, Cameron Reynolds, to learn more about the Groove Into The Woods show and the importance of introducing children to live music and performance from a young age.

Groove Baby is the mastermind behind Groove Into The Woods, a jazz and funk-fuelled, magical, musical, animated and live-action adventure arriving at Brewery Arts on 25 February.

“The whole concept is for parents to have an experience they can equally enjoy, whilst not worrying about audience members being disturbed by their children. Craziness and fun is encouraged”, said Cameron.

The show is produced especially for little ones aged 3-7, and their grown-ups, by Groove Baby, and performed by the Groove Baby Organ Trio.

Groove Baby was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide parents with concert hall-quality music in a child-friendly environment, and the company now has a number of touring shows.

“I have a young daughter, so I have made the storyline for Groove Into The Woods about strong young women taking charge of their own adventures,” said Cameron.

Specially designed to be a midpoint between a show for children and an adult music gig, Groove Into The Woods is a 50 minute high-energy family theatre meets top-quality musical performance. It blends electro-jungle rhythms, infectious pop themes, and a heavy dose of 60s Blue Note soul jazz with a twist on a ‘classic fairytale-in-the-woods storyline.

“Coming from a creative background, it is so important to me that my child experiences live arts; that is really at the heart of Groove Baby, said Cameron.

We think it is important that children get exposed to a wide range of experiences. A lot of children don’t get taken to concerts due to the impracticalities, but this is why we formed Groove Baby”.

Groove Baby shows are a firm family favourite of the London Jazz Festival and have entertained audiences across the UK.

Cameron, said: “It is important to keep introducing your children to new and exciting ideas, and Groove Into The Woods is something different you will love as well. It is an entirely family-fun experience.

“I promise you will have a great time!”

Groove Baby presents Groove Into The Woods on 25 February from 2pm. Tickets can be bought here.

They might be on to something. I had a great time – Groove Into the Wood is better musically than many much higher-priced West End Kids Shows” LondonTheatre1

I will follow you on any adventure! This is great!” Beth Burgess (Brighton Festival)

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