Helping Hands Partnership

Published on 9th January 2023

Helping Hands Proud to be a Partner

Brewery Arts is a proud partner of Helping Hands, a new volunteering project in Cumbria set to improve access to exciting volunteering opportunities within arts and heritage organisations across the county.

Helping Hands is a two-year project to transform volunteering in the arts sector and has been awarded almost £500,000 by the Government.

Cumbria Museum Consortium – led by Carlisle’s Tullie House – is delivering the project which aims to break down barriers to volunteering through improving community well-being, growing capacity and workforce diversity across the Cumbrian cultural sector, and addressing loneliness and isolation.

Brewery Arts is one of 45 partners helping to deliver the project through exciting volunteering opportunities.

Kate Newman, Venue and Events Manager at Brewery Arts, said: “We are proud to be partners and champion the work of Helping Hands Cumbria, working collaboratively across the county to enrich and support access to volunteering in the arts and heritage sector.

“At Brewery Arts our volunteers are such essential and valued members of our team and we are excited to see how this project can help grow and diversify our offer for volunteering”.

If you are looking to volunteer with us at Brewery Arts you can find more information here.

Pat Gibson, Helping Hands Inclusive Volunteering Lead, and Volunteer at Brewery Arts, said:“Everyone I have met at Brewery Arts has been really welcoming. They all enjoy volunteering there and like the opportunity to watch films and performances,”

The project expects to recruit and support around 500 new volunteers and enable nearly 30 Cumbrian museums, theatres and arts organisations to carry on inclusive volunteering in the future.

Andrew Mackay, director of Tullie House Museum, said: “The investment is hugely welcomed. Cumbria is the third largest county in England and yet it boasts a very joined-up arts and culture network.

“Given the size of the county and the sparsity of population, volunteering plays a crucial role in both community wellbeing and the sustainability of many cultural organisations – this project will combine, strengthen and accelerate the good work that is currently being done in this area.”

You can volunteer with us here today!

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