Former BYA Students Return With Their Own Show

Published on 22nd November 2019
Published 22 November 2019

The Brewery is delighted to welcome back two of its former BYA students, Natalie Morrell and Josh Hawkins, who are bringing their own show here this December! Outside The Igloo is an interactive family theatre event, following three penguin friends’ adventure as they leave their igloo for the first time. The collaboration between The Knotted Project and the Manchester-based Hawk Dance Theatre sees Natalie (one of the directors of The Knotted Project), and Josh Hawkins (director of Hawk Dance Theatre), returning to Kendal and our stage. We asked them a few questions about their time here at the Brewery and their connections to the area- read on to see their response!

The Knotted Project is based in Cumbria, are you originally from here?
Co-Director of The Knotted Project Natalie Morrell grew up in Kendal, before leaving the area to train at East 15 Acting School in the South of England. She returned and established The Knotted Project in 2013 with Simon McElligott, and Kendal has been the base for The Knotted Project ever since. She is delighted to be collaborating with Josh Hawkins, an old friend from Kendal and his company Hawk Dance Theatre as they create and tour Outside the Igloo.

What was your connection to the Brewery prior to setting up The Knotted Project and Hawk Dance Theatre? Did you take any of our BYA classes?
Natalie and Josh were committed members of Youth Theatre and Dance Classes at The Brewery Arts Centre since the age of around 13 years old, through until they went their own ways to train professionally in their respective fields at 18 years of age.

Did these classes have any lasting impact on you and your career?
The classes at The Brewery hugely inspired both Directors. It was a space to learn, develop and build long lasting friendships.

Why did you want to return to and perform at the Brewery?
We have a fantastic organisation at the centre of the Kendal and it’s a privilege for Natalie and Josh to return to The Brewery. Hopefully, Outside the Igloo will inspire the next generation of young creatives to explore and achieve their goals.

What is it like for The Knotted Project to be based in Cumbria? Why did you base yourselves here rather than a city?
For The Knotted Project, being based in Kendal is a great opportunity to balance work and lifestyle. We are so lucky to have the Lake District on our doorstep and we have a brilliantly creative community within which we work.

Outside The Igloo is the perfect winter show for children aged 4+ and their families. Sitting amongst the set & performers, the children in the audience play an essential part in helping the 3 penguin friends on their amazing snowy journey; promising any young explorer an adventure they will never forget!

Wed 4 Dec – Sat 7 Dec | See the web page for more information on times

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