Enjoy Dance, Make Friends, and Get Moving

Published on 31st May 2023

Dance Engagement Officer, Emily Davies talks about the benefits of creative exercise and the health and wellbeing opportunities at Brewery Arts.

“Keeping moving is such an important thing for everybody. We were born to move!”

Get Moving at Brewery Arts is an open dance class for adults and the perfect way to enjoy physical activity, make new friends, and move your body in interesting ways.

“Dance is different to other forms of exercise as it’s not necessarily about travelling distance, lifting a certain weight, achieving a quicker time, or winning. You win when you show up to give it a go,” said Emily.

Get Moving is suitable for all abilities, and explores movement, improvisation, and connection with the body in a fun and supportive environment.

“You can bring to it whatever you have to offer that day, and it’s also very collaborative in that you’re moving with other people, sharing the space together, and connecting with each other’s energy,” said Emily.

Each Wednesday a new practitioner delivers the session, encouraging the development of techniques and phrases of movement, with options for progressions and regressions to suit everyone’s body and experience.

During each term, the Get Moving sessions focus on different styles of dance and movement ranging from Afro-Brazilian dance, jazz, ballet, musical theatre and more.

“Each tutor is a professional Dance Artist with a range of expertise and styles of teaching, meaning the learning is fresh and participants try a variety of approaches to dance and movement,” 

“Get Moving is about having fun whilst moving your body in a non-judgmental, positive, supportive, and encouraging environment” said Emily.

Get Moving takes place at Brewery Arts on Wednesday evenings, between 6.45-7.45pm.

Emily Davies
Emily Davies: Dance Engagement Officer

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