Castle Park Journal Interview Morgan & West

Published on 3rd December 2021

Morgan & West are bringing their Christmas Spectacular Show to Brewery Arts on the 12 Dec

Published 3 December 2022

Castle Park Journal Interview Morgan & West – by Robyn – Castle Park Journal!

Mr Morgan and Mr West, time-travelling Victorian magicians who, in another life, were secondary school science teachers

For this edition’s interview, we will be speaking to magic’s own Morgan and West. They have performed at Brewery Arts in Kendal and their acts are amazing and mesmerising.

Mr Morgan very kindly answered our questions about their act and some of their favourite things.

-Why not West and Morgan?
I’d love to say that it was because one of us is clearly much better than the other (I think you know which one) but sadly that’s not the case. Morgan & West just sounds a bit better when you say it out loud than ‘West & Morgan’. We think it’s probably to do with the number of syllables, it’s always nicer to end on a short and punchy word we think.

-What part of doing Magic do you most enjoy
We both get a bit of a kick out of really fooling people, doing a trick where no one knows how it’s done. Not because we’re mean spirited but because it’s a great thrill to do something that you’ve created and worked on and people enjoy so much.

-How long have you been doing magic?
We both started doing magic in our early 20s so not all that long ago. Unlike a lot of other magicians, we haven’t been doing it since we were children. We were much more into theatre and acting – magic was a happy accident really!

-What is your favourite trick to perform?
That changes from day to day! Usually, it’s whatever the final trick from the last show that we have done is. When it’s fresh in the mind you can enjoy it a lot more I think. At the moment I would say that the most fun is when I (Mr Morgan) get locked in a box and Mr West magically swaps places with me. Great fun to do but rather exhausting too!

-Who is your favourite Victorian Entrepreneur?
That’s a tricky question – although technically not an entrepreneur we’re big fans of Ada Lovelace for her work on the earliest versions of computer code. She was brilliantly clever and put her mind to great feats of mathematics.

-Where do you get your suits?
Suits and waistcoats are great, aren’t they? Mr West makes a lot of our suits, he taught himself to sew a few years back and I haven’t been able to stop him since.

-No spoilers but were you nervous to perform in front of Penn and Teller?
Very, very nervous the first time. The second time not so much as we’d done it all before and actually knew them a bit by then.

-Penn or Teller?
Penn for conversation, Teller for easy silences.

Many thanks to Morgan and West for agreeing to do this interview. If they return to Kendal we urge you to go and see them perform.


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