Photographic darkroom reopens after 10 years

Published on 3rd October 2018
Published 3 October 2018

Amateur photographers who fancy ditching their digital cameras can get back to basics with some old school techniques at Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre.

The Brewery has unlocked its photographic dark room after more than 10 years standing unused due to a lack of demand from local photographers and the rise in popularity of digital cameras.

In January, the centre is launching a brand new Dark Room Photography course with professional photographer Tim Murray. The classes will cover basics skills such as learning the functions on a film camera, the printing process and how to produce prints in the darkroom environment.

Adult creative learning manager Kate Lund said: “Over the last 12 months, we’ve had a lot of people asking us about getting the darkroom back up and running again and it seems there is a real appetite for an alternative to digital technology.

“We have courses on offer for young people and adults, and by spring next year will also have an open access scheme, where experienced photographers can use the developing facilities to produce their own prints, one of the only publically accessible spaces in Cumbria to do so.”

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