An Interview With Actor Alex Moran

Published on 28th October 2019

Alex Moran, is the co-founder of the production company Thunder Road Theatre Co. and actor in The Body Snatcher which is coming to The Box, Kendal College this Halloween.

Published 28 October 2019

A successful actor, Alex has starred in the acclaimed National Theatre production, War Horse, where he played Private David Taylor (Albert’s best friend) and Baby Joey. He got involved in the production by auditioning in the summer of 2013, and was given the role two weeks later. In an interview with us, he described the experience of working with the puppets as incredible, teaching him valuable lessons as an actor on how to be selfless, and described that even after working on the production for 2 years, the puppets still looked and felt real to him.

When asked about his favourite part of the production his response was heartfelt, describing how he thinks it’s very important to remember the past so that we can truly learn for the future. The production taught him about the Great War, including all the mistakes that were made during it, and the sacrifices made by all those affected by it. It gave a sort of scale to the number of people and animals that lost their lives for this country, and also gifted him a more personal perspective on the ‘it will be over by Christmas’ stories told to young soldiers. Alex also expressed how he will never forget the sense of pride that came from representing those that lost their lives, and his privileged position to be able to do this.

Born in Born in Liverpool and brought up in Leyland, Alex went to UCLAN in nearby Preston where he received a first class degree in acting and the Jane Horrocks Award for Outstanding Achievement. Now living in Huddersfield, on the subject of entering into the world of drama he said “Acting was a wonderful release for me as a young kid. I didn’t always enjoy school due to bullying, but used drama as a way to escape and to improve confidence, which it truly did.”

Alex got his love of classic stories from his grandpa who used read them to him. These stories have played a big influence in the productions he has put on with his Thunder Road Theatre Company; with Jekyll and Hyde, The Invisible Man, The Count of Monte Cristo and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea all being adapted for the stage.

Their latest work is based on a spooky Robert Louis Stephenson story The Body Snatcher, which is touring the UK from October 23 to November 17. In the play, written by Ian Townsend and directed by Emma Ashton, Britain is ravaged by a mysterious disease. A young scientist, played by Alex, arrives in a remote town to scenes of devastation – the streets are empty, the milk is sour and the dogs are howling day and night. Haunted by his past, he knows that the future of the beleaguered country may lie in his hands, but he needs dead bodies to do his work- and he can’t work out why so many are turning up at his laboratory…

Music plays a role in The Body Snatcher, with live performances of songs by The Clash and David Bowie. It’s part of Thunder Road’s mission to put a contemporary twist on classic stories. Alex describes how he thinks “it is important to keep these stories alive and give them a modern twist. The Body Snatcher has references to being post-Brexit as it’s set about 50 years in the future”.

The Body Snatcher is playing this Thursday 8pm at The Box, Kendal College; featuring a live post-show Q&A with Alex and other cast and crew members.

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