Brewery Arts Centre

About Theatre at the Brewery

The Brewery’s theatre programme is famously eclectic and wide ranging, featuring established companies such as Hull Truck and Lip Service, right through to emerging companies such as recent first time visitors Idle Motion, whose Vanishing Horizon was one of last season’s highlights.

We actively seek out exciting new theatre at key festival events such as the Edinburgh fringe Festival as well as  working with a network of trusted promoters, agents and companies in order to strike a balance between classic plays, contemporary drama and comedy theatre with some opera, cabaret and celebrity events thrown in for good measure.

We have a very knowledgeable and passionate theatre audience in South Lakeland but are mindful of the need  to develop the theatre-lovers of the future and school curriculum based literary plays such as The Great Gatsby and Kafkas’ The Trial have seen the Brewery buzzing with young people eager to experience the delights of the stage.

Mike Jones - Theatre Programmer

If you are an artist or company interested in being part of our programme, please email details to
Please note that we usually book 9 – 12 months ahead. If you are approaching us about your work, please let us know how you think it fits into our programme, and how you can support us to engage and develop audiences.