Christmas Tales with Granddad

Published 9 Dec 2019

Pickled Image Theatre

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Fri 20 Dec 11am | Sat 21 Dec 11am & 2pm
Sun 22 & Mon 23 Dec 2pm
Tue 24 11am & 2pm
Thu 26 2pm
Fri 27 & Sat 28 Dec 11am & 2pm
£10.50 / £8.50 U16
21 Dec 11am Relaxed Performance

Granddad can’t find his favourite tree decoration! Could it be the fault of mischievous and feisty gnome the Tomten? A heart-warming tale featuring festive stories, a mysterious snowflake necklace and even a special pair of Christmas pants!

Directed By: Dik Downey
Written By: Adam Fuller
Puppets By: Pickled Image
Music By: Simon Preston
Costumes By: Jenny Reeves
Performed By: Vicky Andrews | Vic Llewellyn
Technical manager: Gwen Thomson
Supported by Arts Council England

Award-winning Bristol-based puppet company, Pickled Image present Christmas Tales with Granddad at the Brewery Arts Centre 2019.

‘Christmas Tales with Granddad’ – a show featuring a feast of festive stories, including the mystery of the magic whistle, and the mischievous shenanigans of the Tomten – a feisty Gnome, who loves the chance to play havoc at Christmas, and who might just be the reason Granddad can’t find his favourite tree decoration.

Creating a sense of the fireside in the theatre, Granddad will welcome imaginative input from the audience as he weaves his own brand of heart-warming storytelling and festive cheer.

Suitable for ages 3+ and their families

Featuring exquisite puppets, silliness and laughter, Christmas Tales with Granddad is the perfect family entertainment this Christmas.

The show is aimed at family audiences (3+). There’s even an opportunity to meet some of the puppets after the show.

About Pickled Image
Co-directors Vicky Andrews and Dik Downey formed pickled Image in 2000. Between them, they have designed, produced, directed and performed many internationally recognized, award-winning shows for theatre.

The companies’ previous work includes Yana and The Yeti (2017-2018), Coulrophobia (2014-2018), Santa’s Little Trolls (2014-2017) The Shop of Little Horrors (2012-2014), Fireside Tales with Granddad (2008-2017), Hunger (2009-2013), Wolf Tales (2009-2011), Houdini’s Suitcase (2006-2008).

Pickled Image has performed across the UK, Europe and further afield and won many awards for their outstanding contribution to puppetry and theatre.

This Day I Love: CHRISTMAS TALES WITH GRANDDAD Posted by Leyla Brooke (via Netmums)
My sister had come home for Christmas and the girls were keen to spend some time with her. They do not get to see her very often and as a treat, we decided to all go out to the theatre together. Cast theatre in Doncaster was showing Christmas tales with Granddad and this seemed like a great show for us all.

We arrived at the theatre and the girls made themselves comfy on the beanbags at the front, my sister and I sitting nearer the back with the other adults. We all awaited the start of the show.

Christmas tales with Granddad is performed by some very clever puppet masters. They bring to life Granddad and the other characters with real skill. There is audience participation from the children and everyone gets involved with the story from Granddad. It is like sitting with your own Granddad listening to stories. You feel really absorbed by the whole performance and listen intently to each part of the story as you long for more of it to be told. It was a really enjoyable performance and one which really made our Christmas eve. The girls loved spending time with their Auntie too. I asked the girls what their favourite part of the show was, and they both said the giant pants.

I guess any show which involved a festive pair of giant pants is always going to be a hit with children. My youngest loved the show that she asked to meet Granddad afterwards Christmas tales with Granddad was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve together and really wonderful performance for the whole family.

From “Doncasterisgreat” website:
“I took my 2 children aged 5 and 3 to watch Christmas Tales with Granddad on Christmas Eve. We have a family tradition of watching a Christmas show and this seemed a lovely option. We were not disappointed. A really well thought out production with plenty of audience [children] participation. Children felt a part of the story and it really did feel like you were having a story told to you by your Granddad. The use of puppetry is incredibly clever and you cannot help but fall for some of the characters. I have a particular soft spot for the pig. If you are looking for a heartwarming production to spread some festive cheer this holiday, then Christmas Tales with Granddad is sure to please the whole family.”

Christmas Tales with Granddad was supported by Arts Council England

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