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18th October 2014

10.30-11.30 Venue: BAC Art Room 2

Screenwriter, playwright and director Jörg Tittel recently teamed up with comics artist John Aggs to create the graphic novel Ricky Rouse Has A Gun, a satirical action comedy set in a Chinese knockoff theme park and published by SelfMadeHero in September 2014.

In this exclusive workshop Jörg shares what he learned from making the transition to writing for comics. What can comics do that other media can't? What are the challenges unique to writing in this form? How can writers train themselves to think visually? How does a writer find and work successfully with an illustrator?

This workshop will provide inspiration for creators of all abilities and from any background. Whether you are a writer looking to hone your craft, an illustrator looking to improve your words, or a creator from another field, Jörg will provide invaluable advice on how to plan and execute a writing project.

Suitable for 12 years upwards. No experience necessary.


18th October 2014

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