Workshops & Classes |
13th November 2016

Sun 13 Nov | 2-4pm 
Open to 13+ years
£10 (15 spaces)

Group workshops with Company Chameleon

“Then came the workshop and WOW!  Our students have experienced good workshops in the past but throughout this one and after, they were absolutely buzzing!  The dancers challenged, excited and inspired them, it was a brilliant session.”  Ali O’Neill, Head of Performing Arts, Herne Bay High School, Kent

Company Chameleon’s workshops have introduced thousands of people, from countries all over the world, to a different side of dance and movement. Cross-curricula, incorporating physical exercise, self-expression and creativity, the company’s original dance style is accessible by anyone and above all fun! 

Turning the spotlight on mental health, Witness, Company Chameleon’s latest production tours to The Brewery Arts Centre on Sat 12 Nov, 8pm. Taking on the theme of Witness, the company’s associated workshops will explore mental health through dance and movement, raising awareness of the importance of understanding and nurturing mental, as well as physical, health. 


13th November 2016

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