Ways Of Seeing : A Beginners Guide To Art Appreciation

Creative Learning |
17th September 2018

Tutor Cherrie Trelogan | Fee £63 | 5 weeks

Do you know what you like but you are not sure why? Would you like to know how and why artists have tackled a range of themes over time?
During this introductory course, you will gain skills to help you feel more confident about interpreting familiar and unfamiliar works of art.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught?

This is an introduction, so no previous knowledge is required This is not a detailed chronological history, through an overview of art across the ages will form part of the course. The first session will include a warm up activity as an introduction to looking at works of art. The second session will include a romp through the history of art to support subsequent sessions which will focus on different themes including the human face then form, landscape and abstract art. Learners will be provided with a framework to help to help them when looking at a variety of images Each week, following an introduction to the theme, participants will be supported to study a range of images as a group and in pairs. We will mainly be looking at reproductions but will use original works of art when possible

There will be no formal homework but the tutor may suggest things to do and see in response to the previous session or in preparation for the next session.

Several handouts will be provided

By the end of the course, you will have gained a range of skills an information to help you feel more confident about interpreting a range of well known and less familiar works of art.

What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them.

Are there any additional costs?
If all participants wish, a visit may be made to a local exhibition (learners will need to arrange own transport and cover any admission charge).

About the tutor
Following a degree in Fine Art and a year studying the History of Art at the University of Georgia, USA, Cherrie went on to study a post-graduate course in Museum and Gallery Studies. She has worked as a museum and gallery curator and art educator in various museums and galleries and at Cumbria College of Art and Design (now part of the University of Cumbria). Cherrie has worked as Deputy Director and Head of Education for the Lakeland Arts Trust before moving to the Cumbria County Council’s Cultural Policy Department. She has also been involved in Corporate Policy and Community Development. Cherrie is passionate about sharing her love of art with others. Cherrie also teaches other practical art sessions through Cumbria Adult Education.

If you have a query or are unsure whether the course is right for you please get in touch with the Creative Learning Team who will be happy to contact the tutor on your behalf.


17th September 2018

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