Votes For Women

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Until 9th November 2018

Foyer | FREE

Lauren Wells, Kendal College student and winner of the Brewery Arts Centre Award 2018.

I chose to look at the subject of Women’s Rights, studying how and if the challenge has changed from the Suffragette era up until now. Through the project, I wanted to learn something new about an interesting and high profile topic. My final outcome reflects the subject research I gathered; the text on the back of the dress are speeches and thoughts I took from watching films and documentaries, and the stitched details are inspired by the many visuals I came across from a wide variety of protest groups and campaigns.

The aim of my installation was to create a powerful and thought-provoking piece, highlighting that the challenge the Suffragette’s had is still very much present today. I want the viewer to learn and consider the historical and current challenges being faced by women, this piece is about coming together and supporting each other.


Until 9th November 2018

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