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30th July 2016

“The Kendal Windows On Art (KWoA )VIP Craft Group members, working with artist Nicki Smith, were very all excited to be invited to participate in Yarns in the Yards as they are keen to be included in community events. This lively visually impaired creative group worked hard to create their riverside textile scene, inspired by the local fishing grounds, from choosing the fabrics, arranging the design layout to stitching with thread and fabric and are now very proud of what they've achieved together.  The piece is situated at the entrance of Smokehouse yards if you walk down the ginnel from Booths Artisan café.

The Smokehouse is well worth a look  It is tucked down the alley past Solo Hairdressers.  It was built in the 1880’s for smoking and air-drying meat predominantly, which was important in food production when there was no refrigeration.   Our research team discovered evidence that some fish were also smoked on the site.   We decided to run with this, using it as an opportunity to celebrate the variety of fish found in locally.


30th July 2016

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