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19th October 2013


See Alan Moore and David Lloyd's seminal graphic novel brought thrillingly to life on stage. 

In the aftermath of a global biological war, England is a police state ruled by the fascistic Norsefire party. Individuality and dissent are stamped upon and freedom is a thing of the past. But someone is determined that the voice of the people may be heard again; a man in a mask who will become notorious – known only as V. And when an innocent young woman, Evey Hammond, stumbles into V's long-standing vendetta, she soon finds herself unsure who is the hero and who is the villain… 

Created by the cream of the Manchester fringe theatre scene, Lass O'Gowrie Productions in association with Sytheplays. this is a lean and punchy hour-long version of one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. 

“What a cast this is… a faithful, successful and brilliant adaptation that deserves your attention” (Tracey Lowe, www.thegoodreview.co.uk).





19th October 2013

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