UK Green Film Festival: The Wind Blows The Border

Cinema | (12A) | 77 minutes |
2nd November 2022

In The Wind Blows The Border, Brazil’s violent borderlands are home to indigenous communities who must contend with corporate landlords and a growing Bolsonaro-tied ruralist political power.

At the heart of Brazilian agribusiness, Indigenous teacher Alenir Aquino fights for her community’s right to their ancestral lands. On the opposite side, a powerful anti-indigenous lawyer. The story takes place on Brazil’s violent border with Paraguay; the home of the Guarani-Kaiowá people and the heart of Brazilian agribusiness. Whilst closely following the growth of ruralist political power (and its close ties to the Bolsonaro government), The Wind Blows The Border also portrays the intimacy of indigenous female resistance, with their communal ideals and struggle for the planet. The process culminates with the imminent loss of indigenous constitutional rights thanks to the inevitable political power of large landowners.

Portuguese and Guarani Languages with English Subtitles.

Presented in Partnership with South Lakes Action on Climate Change: Towards Transition (SLACCtt)

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2nd November 2022

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