20th September 2012

Tristan Gooley – The Natural Explorer

Best selling author – The Natural Navigator and The Natural Explorer – Tristan Gooley has spent the past 15 years learning to read landscapes and working to understand the things that enrich our journeys. In this talk he draws from his own experiences and from some of the most insightful travellers of the past 2000 years, as he outlines the many techniques he has discovered for enriching our travels. He shows how a short walk can compare with an epic expedition when we take the time to notice the details that are overlooked by most. The aware traveller is becoming the new explorer.

 'Gooley tells fascinating tales of scientific wonder and geographical discovery. Each themed chapter, complete with illustrations, maps, diagrams and literary quotations, stand alone as a mini-museum in tribute to exploration… he reads the landscape with genuine perceptiveness…' (The Times))

Lecture organised in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) – – and Kendal Mountain Festival.


20th September 2012

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