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18th October 2014

The Ultimate Hitch

Bryan Hitch has been a leading creative force in American comic books for more than twenty-five years working on GI Joe, Transformers, Superman and The X-Men for twelve years and co-creating The Authority with RED's Warren Ellis. Soonafter he and Mark Millar created the ground-breaking marvel series, The Ultimates where they modernised the classic marvel characters known as The Avengers for a general audience and it's a direction that all the Marvel movies have followed. 

Since The Ultimates, Hitch has continued to work on a variety of key Marvel projects until 2011 when he created America's Got Power with the British TV legend Jonathan Ross. Real Heroes is his first solo creation and is published through Image Comics. 

Join Chris Thompson to discover what makes Bryan a unique force within the comics world and find out more about his life and work beyond the page. 

Venue: Screen 1 
Time: 2-3pm


18th October 2014

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