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18th October 2014

12.15-1.15 Venue: BAC Screen 1

Stephen Collins’ “weekly dose of stupid stuff” appears in The Guardian Weekend magazine. Some Comics, the best strips (so far) from this best new cartoonist (maybe), will be published in Autumn 2014.

Lizz Lunney draws surrealist animals, household objects and items of food, all endowed with the sometimes-questionable gift of consciousness. Her second publication Take Away!  was  a specially-commissioned book for Blank Slate and she recently co-edited The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humour Volume Two.

Donya lives on a remote farm in Cornwall, England and had her graphic novel Death & the Girls published by Blank Slate in 2013. She also publishes comics anthology Bimba and is one half of Chubby, a new t-shirt venture with partner-in-crime Jack Teagle.

Join comic artist Nicola Streeten and learn the identity of Kim Jong-Un’s life coach, meet Depressed Cat and Leaning Rabbit and find out why Death and Pizza are the perfect combination. 

If you would like to download a copy for this year's timetable of the Comic Festival please click HERE, this will take you an on-line digital version that can also be downloaded.


18th October 2014

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