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29th March 2014

Everyday items from a dusty attic transmogrify into fantastical creatures and places, bringing these classic stories to life through discovered play.

A blue sheet turns into a great whale which swallows a Scottish mariner, a slinky and glove become the Elephant's Child's ever-expanding nose, and four red umbrellas come together to form Pau Amma, a crab taller than the smoke from three volcanoes.

Four talented young actors use umbrellas, pots, pans, socks, cushions, tennis balls, lampshades, and much more to create fantastical creatures and worlds, leading their audience on an unforgettable and song-filled journey from Pusat Tasek – the Heart of the Sea – to the banks of the great grey-green Limpopo river.

Bring your children and find out from The Just So Stories why the moon pulls the tides, why the camel has a hump, why the whale no longer eats men (or women, or little boys and girls), and the reason why the elephant’s nose is so long.

“…this show is a visual and aural delight. Catch it if you can.”

“In the same way that they make a dull piece of tarpaulin into the waves of an ocean, they have changed slightly old-fashioned tales into something pulsing with life.” Broadway Baby

“The acting is fantastic, the adaptation is imaginative, and above all, the children adore it.” Edinburgh Fringe Review

Tickets: £8.50adults/£6.50children
Venue: Theatre
Running time: 60 minutes

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29th March 2014

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