Theatre THE GUT GIRLS by Sarah Daniels

Doors 7.30pm | Tickets £7/£5 concessions

The Gut Girls by Sarah Daniels

Follow the lives of a group of young girls who work in the gutting sheds of the Cattle Market and how their lives are changed when the sheds are closed down. Earning more in a week gutting carcasses than a year in domestic service, the Gut Girls have independence and each other. Set in Edwardian England the girls struggle to find alternative employment and the results are not without tragic consequences.

Drama Baby by Jamie Brittain

It’s the final rehearsals before the practical GCSE theatre studies exam, and Neil wants everything to be just perfect. Two competing groups of students soon find that the distractions of sex, alcohol and Artaud threaten to destroy their hopes of good grades. As egos clash and new relationships are formed and broken, Drama, Baby goes to the heart of what it means to perform, and what it’s like when the handbags and gladrags are stripped away.

Drama Baby


The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate


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