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30th May 2015

Sat 30 May | Doors 7.30pm

A massive juggernaut of sound filled with screaming! fiddles, the sound of the haunting duduk, blazing horns …. plus the usual mayhem of hurdygurdying, throat singing and violin juggling. The Destroyers will be showcasing new tracks; an incompetent Northern wizard in The Wizard of Warrington; a disturbing glimpse into the dystopia of Milk the Cat, where humans are forced by their feline overlords to drink cat’s milk (of course); and an obese pied-piper who gorges himself on our Sorrows, Tears and Woes. And if that wasn’t enough, Behold! The amazing Vortex Cannon! This actually exists, we have one … you’ll have to see the show to see it in action.! !

The band’s sound began with with learning traditional tunes from Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, and shamelessly but inexpertly trying to copy from bands such as Taraf De Haidouks and Fanfare Ciocarlia. But our sound and influences soon widened as we started to compose new material and incorporate tunes and musical influences from other parts of the world. There are a great abundance of us in this band and as individuals we all have our fingers in many different kinds of music; we conjure a burgeoning panoply of multifarious congruence and juxtaposition, hyperbole and candor, poignance and glee. 

During this process of fermentation our style and nature became less easily or adequately classifiable and we became increasingly confident in its own intrinsic nature and potential. Our diverse palette still held gypsy folk music and klezmer right at its centre, and we held onto and developed the initial seed of anarchic jubilation and preposterous rambunctiousness that I think I mentioned earlier. One of the great things about it is the way it makes people smile – you should see the sight from onstage when we get to the bit of Sirba which modulates to the major and a thousand people all reflect the energy back to us on their beaming faces and in their movement.

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Venue: Malt Room
Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult


30th May 2015

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